Product Retrieval

Whether it's benchmarking the competition, tracking product trends or monitoring product quality, nothing beats an actual product sample. Our product retrieval service makes it possible.

Product Retrieval

Datamonitor's Product Retrieval provides actual product samples collected from anywhere in the world and delivered direct to your desk.

Based on years of experience in all types of product retrievals, our global experts handle everything from ad-hoc retrieval to multiple market and large quantity retrievals.

Delivered online via our user-friendly web platforms, our market intelligence products and services ensure that you will achieve your desired commercial goals by giving you the insight you need to best respond to your competitive environment.

How can you benefit from Datamonitor's Product Retrieval?

  • Gather competitive product intelligence from around the globe at the point of sale
  • Assure the quality of your own product within different geographic locations and monitor this over a set timeframe
  • Obtain products to sample or for taste testing
  • Make the choice as to whether you want products selected at random or a set pattern
  • Gain greater insight into a new product's components and production via reverse engineering

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